“Up until June 2016 I would’ve considered myself an active person. I have always had a smaller body type and never felt insecure or uncomfortable with my weight. After being married for almost a year and having a desk job though, I found myself beginning to look softer and chubbier in different areas throughout my chest, abdomen and legs. In January 2017 a good friend and I decided to sign up for the Gasparilla 8k and that is where my fitness journey officially began. I was originally doing an interval running program set up for me by a friend, but realized I needed more. I’d heard of Drew through a couple friends and knew that he and Ashleigh had just opened up FX Fitness. I went for my first class and was hooked to say the least. The atmosphere at FX is so fun and uplifting, even on a bad day I look forward to my workout. I attend FX Effect classes at least four days a week and cannot be happier with my results thus far. I’ve even found myself getting up for the 6AM classes on days I can’t make an afternoon class, which is not normally my style. I am not a morning person. FX Fitness has provided me with a place where I can feel comfortable transforming my body while making awesome new friends along the way. I am so thankful for FX Fitness and don’t know where I would be on my fitness journey without them.”

– Ainsley Roberts

“My FX fitness and weight loss journey…

My name is Erica and my fitness and weight loss journey began in February 2017.  I weighed in at 192 pounds, my body fat was 39%, my dress/jeans size was 12/14 – LG/XLG, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded and running was out the question!! I was a candidate for knee surgery. I knew I had to do something.  A friend reconnected with Drew on Facebook just as he was opening FX Studios, so we went to the grand opening and signed up! I’ve lost over 50 pounds and counting.

When I started working out at FX Studio, I was very nervous and apprehensive because I was extremely out of shape. Drew and Jenna were very supportive and worked with me to customize a workout and yoga plan that helped build my self-confidence and produced results!

Now that I have reached my goal, I feel excited about how I look and feel; and just about life in general. I’m a busy wife and mom of two pre-teen boys that play competitive travel soccer.  I work full time in financial software sales and in my role I regularly present to large corporate groups.  Knowing I look great and feel even better has boosted my confidence personally and professionally.

Being able to physically keep up with my boys has brought us closer. I now enjoy boot camp, rowing, running, and most of all shopping for new clothes. My stamina at running has improved greatly!!  I went from running a 17-minute mile to a 9-minute mile! I have learned make healthier food choices and I have the energy and self-confidence to do my job and all the activities that I enjoy with my family. What keeps me motivated?  I am excited to hear my friends, family, and especially my husband tell me how great I look and how proud they are of me! Ohhh, and the fact that I now weigh in at 141 pounds, my body fat is down to 25%, my dress/jeans size is 4/6 – S/M and I can run a 9-minute mile only adds to my determination to continue on this fitness journey. Also, I no longer need knee surgery!  Every day I look forward to my workouts and the enjoyment I receive after each session!

Thanks Drew and Jenna for being there and supporting me on this journey!”

– Erica Jourdain

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