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FX Effect

The FX Effect is a Cross Training style workout program that will open your eyes to a new way of fitness. Our mix of Strength & Conditioning, HIIT Training, Endurance and day to day Functional Movements has proven to get you results! The mix of styles will keep your body in check, never allowing it to plateau. Our workouts are built to gain strength, lose weight, build confidence and to look and move great!

FX Build

Crunch for time? Try our 30 Minute Strength based program, leaving you with a good old sweat sesh and building muscle so you feel like you the gods and goddesses rained down greatness on you!

FX Bootcamp

Our FX Bootcamp is going to be a hybrid of our FX Effect class and Bootcamp style workouts. The FX Bootcamp is made for anyone who wants to challenge themselves in a workout that will kick up their endorphins and leave here feeling good!!

Individualized 1:1 Personal Training

Some of our members have specific goals they want to achieve. So the 1:1 personal training has great advantages. Our FX coaches can tailor the workouts just for you and your needs. Having the full 1:1 attention holds you and our coaches accountable for your progress. You will have monthly evaluations so that you can see the results of your hard work.

Small Group Training

Nothing like training with your close friends and supporters who also want high level personalized programming. Small group allows you to train with a few partners that hold each other accountable while hitting their own goals in their own fitness journey.

FX Yoga

One of our programs that we offer is our FX Yoga. For ourselves to Boost in Performance, Accelerate Recovery, and to Increase Flexibility, we want to optimize the body to strengthen the ligaments and tendons for better performing athletes.


Our memberships come with open gym time so that you can come and train on your schedule. During open gym sessions, you can come in for unguided gym time and work toward your fitness goals. The coaching staff is available to assist you during any open gym session.


Although yoga may seem contrary to the high intensity of our group classes, our classes perfectly complement your other workout experiences improving your flexibility. We have experienced instructors to guide you through lessons.



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