A Transformation, A Story, and The Journey


A Story Ready To Be Told

 Hey everyone, I wanted to highlight a special individual that I have trained with close to 6 years now. This athlete has and will always set the bar for new challenges. In one way or form our members thrive in physical fitness, so we love calling our members athletes. Even if it was their very first time working out, or if they are a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather or if they workout regularly. 

 When I met Lisa for the very first time she was signed up for one of my group workouts. She was very curious on how the workout programs worked and if this was for her. What I noticed in Lisa, was the want and determination to learn. It’s always exciting for any trainer to see this in any client. You can always tell when you meet someone that has a competitive edge to them. Lisa was a bit different. She was more competitive with herself than other individuals.

We stand tall with our values of Integrity, Respect, Community and Inspiration.

 My fitness journey started about 6 years ago. I was a full time runner, a 90 pound runner. I always thought just running and eating very few calories was the way to stay healthy because I was already small. It was then, when my daughter in law talked me into trying a group fitness class.

I loved it, but still struggled with the eating part. I really didn’t  want to gain weight by eating more. Once I realized how much I should be eating and the balance of working out, it soon made a difference. The pounds I gained was muscle and not the fat. I lead a stress free life, I know working out daily contributes to this healthy lifestyle. Its mind clearing, while I am working out. I focus on the workout at hand and nothing else. Drew has been there every step of the way. I enjoy coming to FX Fitness every day, not only for myself but to motivate others as well. The workouts are intense and keep you engaged. Everyone there is very supportive to one another.

Lisa’s story about her fitness is a form of determination, will power, fulfillment, family and a poetic transformation. She has always been someone who draws in individuals that she loves to encourage, inspire and challenge. Like many of our athletes, Lisa is and always will be part of the foundations of FX Fitness Studio.

Keep your story book open because, Your journey has only just begun